On August 9, 1995, the news of Jerry Garcia's passing spread through the Deadhead world like a tsunami. Over at the AOL Grateful Dead Forum, the chat rooms exploded, and replicated, with over 600 people simultaneously sharing their grief, in over a dozen chat rooms.

It's ten years later, and even though the old place has seen better days, many of us got back together to reminisce, meet old friends and new ones, and share our love of the music. We even had an internet streamer, bulletradio.com, change his programming last night to fit our theme. What follows is a totally garbled chat log, probably of interest to few, but here anyway.

Geoff Gould, GDF sysop

copyright 2005 gdforum and AOL

8/9/05 6:01:50 PM Opening "Chat Log 8-9-05"

NFACAT43: she sang a while then flew off
SBandit78: bobby plays a mean bird song
DScarlet35: evenin China
ChinaRider: Aloha
VlOLETJED: geoff thanks for making something happen in here tonight
VlOLETJED: i really needed it
NFACAT43: Jerrys birdsong i was refering to
DScarlet35: true that Jodee...thanks Geoff
Sweeney99: ok, sounds like bulletradio is happening, Bertha right now
Sweeney99: you have to endure some intro clip
Bearlywood: Wow, it's been a long time ...
NFACAT43: Jerry wrote birdsong for Janis .........
DScarlet35: glad to have a place to recount memories on this sad anniversary
VlOLETJED: no doubt
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((Skorp)))))))))))))))))))))
VlOLETJED: without intrusion from jackasses
Skorpionking48: ((((((((((((((ds)))))))))))))) :)
NFACAT43: Geoff did you see the origional band ?
Sweeney99: chinarider!
Skorpionking48: whas sappnin
Sweeney99: original band?
VlOLETJED: hiya china and skorp
NFACAT43: with PIG
ChinaRider: Howfy
Sweeney99: yes
Stephyny: geoff, it is
Skorpionking48: hey violet
DScarlet35: chillin..spending time w/ the fam
NFACAT43: nice man nice
Skorpionking48: coool
Sweeney99: I saw them first in 69 at Rob Gym UCSB
Sweeney99: then at Winterland Late '71
NFACAT43: very nice man lucky guy
Sweeney99: Pig was phasing out by that time
ChinaRider: Geoff's got me beat - 1985 here
DScarlet35: indeed jeff
JDBo: My first show was 9/11/73 at William and Mary.
Sweeney99: some of the benefits of age
StevefStStephen: goeff, i'm having trouble getting bulletradio to play
DScarlet35: lol geoff
Sweeney99: but I didn't really 'get it' until Bekeley '72
StevefStStephen: geoff sorry
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((simon)))))))))))))))))
NFACAT43: wow cozmic the china rider segmant of winterland just came on as im lookin at your sn
Jackstraw42965: ((((((((((((((((((donna))))))))))))))))
SBandit78: the candyman is in town...
Sweeney99: after Europe, they tore my skull apart with that slow mirror ball and Dark Star
ChinaRider: What are you all streaming?
DScarlet35: haha
NFACAT43: wish i could stream winterland 78 for everyone
VlOLETJED: i'm currently channeling barton hall LOL
DScarlet35: lol
NFACAT43: but feel the JERRY VIBES :)
DScarlet35: << Don't Let Go
Bearlywood: Yikes! Fire on the Mountain! The Hollywood hills are on fire outside my window right now!
StevefStStephen: right now i'm listening to the sounds of silence...and i don't mean simon and garfunkel
ChinaRider: Anyone else into the "Pure Jerry' series?
VlOLETJED: fire just started here
DScarlet35: lol steve
NFACAT43: lol stephen
Sweeney99: really Bearlywood? I'm quite gullible
Bearlywood: No really. You can see it on the news right now.
Sweeney99: some of Pure Jerry is better than others
Sweeney99: so far I like the 1839 the best
Jackstraw42965: theres a fire in the hollywood hills to
SBandit78: tore up over you~jgb
NFACAT43: i got my oldest holliest grateful dead tshirt on its feels like home
Bearlywood: Nichols Canyon. And Hollywood blvd. is filling up with fire trucks...
Sweeney99: what's the nearest city?
DScarlet35: hi sally
NFACAT43: be cremated in it one day
Jackstraw42965: im watching it on the news bearly
ChinaRider: Yes - Merriweather, which I thought I wouldnt like, I love, and the one with MERL that I thought I'd love I dont like as much as my bootlegs
SallyGoodin04: hi
Sweeney99: Alabama on bulletradio.com
StevefStStephen: i'm having trouble getting bulletradio to play
Bearlywood: Hollywood CA
Bearlywood: Los Angeles
Sweeney99: it streams in my iTunes
DScarlet35: rut roh simon
Bearlywood: About two miles from Grauman's Chinese Theater, right next to Laurel Canyon
StevefStStephen: oh ok i don't have that
Jackstraw42965: i live in LA county bearly
NFACAT43: the freedom to express yourself thru music ........
StevefStStephen: brb
Jackstraw42965: if ya house burns down ya can crash on my lawn
ChinaRider: Brealy, I used to love above that on Outpost
ChinaRider: live
DScarlet35: lol simon
NFACAT43: billy as a single drummer is just incredible ......
Sweeney99: I thought the Broadway recordings sounded like audience tapes
Jackstraw42965: hey donna
Bearlywood: It's about three blocks from my apartment.
Jackstraw42965: wheres amy tonight
DScarlet35: hey simon
DScarlet35: i dunno
DScarlet35: she'll be on
WindenceDoe1: yo
DScarlet35: soon,i bet
Jackstraw42965: (((((((((((((((((((windy)))))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((Win)))))))))))))))))
Jackstraw42965: hope youre right :)
WindenceDoe1: ((((((((((((((((( simon ** donna )))))))))))))))))))0
DScarlet35: just hold me tight & don't let go
DScarlet35: don't let go...
DScarlet35: don't let go
NFACAT43: dont let go
WindenceDoe1: did you work in redlands today simon?
NFACAT43: i know you riders gonna miss
Sweeney99: so, some of us are on left coast, many on right; who's in the middle?
Jackstraw42965: yea i did windy
DScarlet35: f'k it's hot
SBandit78: ship of fools~bobby & ratdog
Bearlywood: OK well, I need to go see what's up with this fire. I'll check in with you all later. Take care {{{{{{710}}}}}}
WindenceDoe1: was it rainy?
Jackstraw42965: everyday till end of september
Jackstraw42965: nope
DScarlet35: << right coast
Jackstraw42965: it was clammy though
Sweeney99: {{{{Bearly}}}}
DScarlet35: tc Bear
VlOLETJED: <~~~~~~right coast
WindenceDoe1: we just had a thunder storm pass through
NFACAT43: east coasts so humid right now ya dont wanna be up here
Jackstraw42965: josh told me it was rianing out there
Jackstraw42965: he lives in cat city
DScarlet35: true jeff
WindenceDoe1: it was just pouring
ChinaRider: Rained a bunch this afternoon in Washington DC
DScarlet35: we need a t-storm
Sweeney99: Stephyny, is this Phish?
NFACAT43: sticky hot is it not dona
WindenceDoe1: it was sooo cool
Jackstraw42965: it didnt rain up here but a space shuttle flew over my house
WindenceDoe1: thats cool simon
DScarlet35: it is jeff
Jackstraw42965: man i bet
DScarlet35: gross
Jackstraw42965: i love the rain
NFACAT43: gotta love central ac
DScarlet35: puh
DScarlet35: wtf is that?
NFACAT43: heeeheeee
Sweeney99: oops, I was told Dead-only!!
DScarlet35: lol
Stephyny: he screwed this up
DScarlet35: i got a fan in the window
Jackstraw42965: yea i love it till i get the bill
Stephyny: sorry everyone
DScarlet35: blowing more humid air in
Stephyny: my fault
NFACAT43: march winds will blow all our troubles away
DScarlet35: lol simon
Jackstraw42965: hi stephyny :)
Jackstraw42965: why you sorry
SBandit78: weekapaug groove~phish
DScarlet35: yeah jeff....march is a long ways away....lol
NFACAT43: lol
DScarlet35: brb
Jackstraw42965: bq donna
SallyGoodin04: wow i just realized something.... i havent been in here in months maybe years... and i just realized what today is
Sweeney99: so, I'd like to introduce a couple of people, then you can introduce yourself
NFACAT43: rider into china cat into hes gone
SallyGoodin04: D!
BrothaEsau: hey
VlOLETJED: {{{{{{{{{DEREK}}}}}}}}}}}
SBandit78: hey derek
NFACAT43: ok geoff any freind of yours is a freind of mine
Sweeney99: Tom (ChinaRider) is one of our oldest volunteers, and has transcribed many chats over the years
WindenceDoe1: today is also my brothers birthday
SallyGoodin04: by the way this is mtngirl98... if any of you old schoolers remember
ChinaRider: Hey all
ChinaRider: Its been a while since I'
ChinaRider: ve been here
SallyGoodin04: i recognize a lot of names
Sweeney99: Stephyny has also been around forever, and helped run the Phorum offshoot
NFACAT43: bring phil bobby billy n mickey on board man
Sweeney99: sally is mtngirl?
NFACAT43: we got the love for em
WindenceDoe1: <~~~ windy
SallyGoodin04: hi windy
Jackstraw42965: hi mntgrl 98
SallyGoodin04: yes geoff
SallyGoodin04: lol
SallyGoodin04: long time
Sweeney99: I love you all, it makes my heart feel good to see you all here
NFACAT43: hi sally sneakin thru the alley
SallyGoodin04: hi jackstraw
SallyGoodin04: lol hi jeff
BrothaEsau: good times
NFACAT43: im just bein goofy
LAloha02: Aloha from Buenos Aires
Sweeney99: Buenos Aires?
Sweeney99: cool!
SallyGoodin04: wow
NFACAT43: sally are you good ?
Sweeney99: Aloha or Hola?
Jackstraw42965: im having some beers tonight in memory of jerry
LAloha02: Yes on a special project for AOL
SallyGoodin04: great jeff thanks
SallyGoodin04: Teri
Jackstraw42965: they should be here in 20 mins
NFACAT43: lol
ChinaRider: He's on his way to the "Evita" Forum after this!!!
WindenceDoe1: I worked 11 hours today
LAloha02: LOL A Hawaiian in Argentina
SallyGoodin04: d did you get that link i sent you earlier
Sweeney99: it's so nice to see y'all
BrothaEsau: id idnt have time to look at it
SallyGoodin04: same here geoff
WindenceDoe1: hi derek
SallyGoodin04: whatcha been up to
Sweeney99: does anyone ever come here anymore if it's not a special event?
NFACAT43: passing around my multi colerd glass if u like inhale i not pass it on
SallyGoodin04: i came out there every year for nine years geoff, this is the first year i havent
ChinaRider: Not much time to come around that often
Jackstraw42965: we're here most nights sweeney
SallyGoodin04: oh you mean HERE
SallyGoodin04: lol
Jackstraw42965: either here or old hippies
SallyGoodin04: i thought you meant cal hahaha
SallyGoodin04: sorry, minds in another place
Sweeney99: yeah, I imagine AOL will kill this off someday
Jackstraw42965: no it wont
SallyGoodin04: where's old hippies
Jackstraw42965: we keep it going
LAloha02: I am trying to get them to keep it
SallyGoodin04: remember the rose garden?
Sweeney99: some people met and got married via 710
SallyGoodin04: THAT was the best place
NFACAT43: search light casting ....... shall we go you n i while we can
SallyGoodin04: it was like the secret 710
SallyGoodin04: at least for a while
VlOLETJED: i'm meeting the man i met in here next month :)
Sweeney99: the rose garden is probably still around, just hard to find
NFACAT43: thruTNF of diamonds
SBandit78: my name is august west....
Jackstraw42965: man i met my best friends in these rooms
SallyGoodin04: yeh
VlOLETJED: and many friends
SallyGoodin04: how many people still keep in touch
WindenceDoe1: I met an ex boyfriend in this room
Jackstraw42965: you mean marrying jodee
Jackstraw42965: you already met him
VlOLETJED: oh yeah, that too LOL
Jackstraw42965: ive met 2 ex g/f's in this room
SallyGoodin04: derek and i... randy and i... derek from southern ca and nv... thats about all i keep in touch with
VlOLETJED: <~~~~~just got home
DScarlet35: back
SallyGoodin04: and saw HlpOnDWay last summer at high sierra
Jackstraw42965: wb donna
DScarlet35: ty
VlOLETJED: uh i mean high LOL
DScarlet35: lol jodee
Jackstraw42965: and in september about 12 of us are all having a gathering at my house
BrothaEsau: yea i dont talk to many people
NFACAT43: it was fun watchin Grateful Dawg today ........ Grisman n Jerry great combo
Jackstraw42965: we all met in here
DScarlet35: whoohoooooooooooo
BrothaEsau: czmic420 i keep in touch with
BrothaEsau: bout it really
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((D)))))))))))))))))
BrothaEsau: and kyle tomthumblz
Sweeney99: GD is back on bulletradio
Sweeney99: a Cassidy
SallyGoodin04: i talk to kyle every once in a while
DScarlet35: how's kyle D?
BrothaEsau: sirrus had a all jerry day today
SallyGoodin04: oh yeh and Jude... both Judes
DScarlet35: yup
SallyGoodin04: judenev and amethystxi
BrothaEsau: kyles good
NFACAT43: sirus was cool stuff doin all day jerry indeed
DScarlet35: cool
SBandit78: I spent doin' time for some other fucker's crime
Sweeney99: I get so busy, I'm in a teaching credential program. Never imagined so much work
WindenceDoe1: Fox deleted my bf's myspace account because he had the word whore in his name
SallyGoodin04: you becoming a teacher geoff
WindenceDoe1: lame
Sweeney99: yes
SallyGoodin04: right ON
DScarlet35: lol win.....
SallyGoodin04: best career in the world
ChinaRider: You'll be a good one!
JDBo: We need good teachers.
Sweeney99: kinda late for a career change
SallyGoodin04: not a career, a vocation
ChinaRider: never 2 late
SallyGoodin04: a calling
BrothaEsau: u gotta love teaching
SallyGoodin04: whatcha gonna teach
NFACAT43: sneakin thru the alley with salley
BrothaEsau: if u wanna teach
SallyGoodin04: yeh i hate teaching right D lol
BrothaEsau: yep
BrothaEsau: for 10 years now t
Sweeney99: I hope so, my wife, who's a teacher wants to retire soon; my timing sucks!
SallyGoodin04: (I am a teacher 24-7) lol
Jackstraw42965: fox?
SallyGoodin04: lol geoff
ChinaRider: "Ten years ago I walked these Streets, My dreams were Bright and Tall"
SallyGoodin04: D i've only been teaching YOU for ten years. 14 total though!
BrothaEsau: hahaha
SallyGoodin04: and you STILL havent graduated LOL
NFACAT43: the teacher of life .........
BrothaEsau: lol
BrothaEsau: << slow
SallyGoodin04: hehehe
NFACAT43: mistical words
SallyGoodin04: i think you just like the teacher LOL
BrothaEsau: lol
NFACAT43: bringing people together
NFACAT43: for a common love
NFACAT43: music
SallyGoodin04: so i'm sorry geoff what did you say you are going to teach
NFACAT43: :-)
Jackstraw42965: i teach everyday
PrincessFly27: (((((((((((((((((((((((everyone))))))))))))))))))))))))
PrincessFly27: howdy
SallyGoodin04: me too jackstraw, me too
SallyGoodin04: hi princess
DScarlet35: ((((((((((((((((Di))))))))))))))))))
WindenceDoe1: (((((((((((((((((((9 di)))))))))))))))))))))))
Sweeney99: well, I plan to bring whatever I've learned to the teaching table; we'll see
DScarlet35: as do I simon
Jackstraw42965: i teach my apprentices
NFACAT43: a simple man with a simple vision
PrincessFly27: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((Donna n windy)))))))))))))))))))))
PrincessFly27: hey ladies
BrothaEsau: (((((di)))))))))
SallyGoodin04: well dont you have to get certified in a certain subject or a certain grade level
PrincessFly27: ((((((((((((((((d))))))))))))))))
SallyGoodin04: dont know how it works out there in CA but i'd assume its like NY
PrincessFly27: how is everyone doing today
Sweeney99: I'm going to teach high school chemistry
Jackstraw42965: (((((((((((((((((((((((di))))))))))))))))))
NFACAT43: nah you just gotta be able to communicate with visions
SallyGoodin04: right on
SallyGoodin04: they need chem teachers too! at least here they do
SBandit78: ((((((((((((((((((di))))))))))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: been a sad/frustrating 1
Sweeney99: they are making it very hard to be a teacher
NFACAT43: some folks wont ever understand my path
NFACAT43: but thats ok
SallyGoodin04: yeh thats the thing about CA that amazed me...
NFACAT43: i understand it
Sweeney99: we don't understand your path, because your font's too light! ;-)
DScarlet35: lol
NFACAT43: n thats all that matters
SallyGoodin04: ny which is known for some of the best schools in the nation... and ca which is in dire need of teachers...
ChinaRider: You've had some "Chemistry" Experience I bet Geoff!
SallyGoodin04: and they wouldnt just certify me out there
BrothaEsau: you cant blame the youth
SallyGoodin04: i had to jump thru all these hoops so i said f that
SallyGoodin04: lol china
SallyGoodin04: lol geoff
NFACAT43: haaahaaaa
Sweeney99: well, kids ask all kinds of questions, assume certain things
DScarlet35: haha
JDBo: If you do it right, you can make a difference, Geoff. I still remember a lot from my high school chem class, and that's been 35 years.
Sweeney99: yay! I can see clearly now!
NFACAT43: lol
PrincessFly27: expedias server is down :(
DScarlet35: <<< had a major crush on my chemistry teacher
PrincessFly27: i gotta get on that
DScarlet35: in hs
Sweeney99: I remember my high school chem teacher, back in 66
NFACAT43: green was for the natural mystic flowing in the air .....
BrothaEsau: i had a crush on my 9th grade spanish teacher
DScarlet35: loved when he drew those ions
BrothaEsau: OMG
DScarlet35: wb steve
Sweeney99: well, it's still pretty small, but easier to read now!
Sweeney99: so, does anyone have any questions about the Forum?
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((Rick))))))))))))))))))
NFACAT43: idunno how to make my typos bigger mah freind
StilDew: (( ( tenors ) ))
StevefStStephen: back
BrothaEsau: is it still up?
Sweeney99: some of you may not be aware of certain things
Sweeney99: yes, but the keywords are gone
BrothaEsau: luckily i still have a link to this
DScarlet35: me too
NFACAT43: im aware that jerry spread love thru music
NFACAT43: n thats all that really matters
Sweeney99: Grateful Dead Forum
SallyGoodin04: so what do you all do as far as music now
Sweeney99: keep that link
NFACAT43: haaahaaaa
ChinaRider: String Cheese!
DScarlet35: listen
SallyGoodin04: anyone NOT into the jam band scene?
Sweeney99: I've been playing bass in a church band for 13 years, keep trying to introduce cool tunes
NFACAT43: the fish are jumpin up like birds
DScarlet35: <<< ohhh yeah
ChinaRider: Got a great Dinatra bootleg from Oakland
ChinaRider: Sinatra
Sweeney99: we did Brothers and Sisters once or twice
NFACAT43: its been hot for 7 weeks now
SallyGoodin04: sounds fun geoff
NFACAT43: do you feel the beat now
JDBo: You could do "Cold Jordan".
BrothaEsau: did u hear what i just heard?
DScarlet35: Jodee......
StilDew: today i learned that you can hammer underwater
NFACAT43: here it comes again
DScarlet35: u still here?
BrothaEsau: Hey sweeny........
StilDew: but the fish donlike it
DScarlet35: lol rick
BrothaEsau: my brother esau is
ChinaRider: Lucky Old Sun?
BrothaEsau: religious
StevefStStephen: or samson and delillah
SallyGoodin04: lol
NFACAT43: man we got huge fish jumpin up like birds here
SallyGoodin04: everyone else... whatcha doin for music
StilDew: samson was writen by a Rev.
StevefStStephen: if i had a hammer, i'd hammer under wa a ter
Sweeney99: yes esau?
BrothaEsau: death dont have no mercy
DScarlet35: lol
BrothaEsau: is too
SallyGoodin04: take this hammer... carry it the captain....
BrothaEsau: nevermind sweeney
SallyGoodin04: sorry, bluegrass
NFACAT43: caught a 9lb carp the other day thought it was gonna pull me in it was huge
NFACAT43: just catch n release
StevefStStephen: bang bang maxwell's silver hammer came down on her head
SallyGoodin04: lol
ChinaRider: Carp are one of the most underestimated freshwater sport fish
DScarlet35: brb
StilDew: i was almost a meal for tiny rock bass tonight
SallyGoodin04: fun!
Sweeney99: I have constant battles with the music director, who hates hippies I think
StilDew: hbd
NFACAT43: yeah we got a huge pond full of them across the street from my place china rider
SallyGoodin04: lol
ChinaRider: Then cut your darn hair! :)
Sweeney99: thinks Dylan is just a lousy singer
SallyGoodin04: geoff do you look like a hippie
NFACAT43: there nuts
Sweeney99: hard to say
StilDew: getright church and lets go home
ChinaRider: Bigges dern Hippy I ever saw.....
Sweeney99: once you have that gleam in your eye, it doesn't matter how short your hair is
BrothaEsau: evangeline is a good tune to play too
JDBo: What do hippies look like now? You and me.
SallyGoodin04: thats true geoff
SallyGoodin04: i wear suits to school cuz i'm a business teacher and eventually my students always say, you're a hippie!
ChinaRider: We are everywhere - And my hair now is shorter than most Military
NFACAT43: bobby has a gleam in his eye lil spanish jam
Sweeney99: people think you can just turn off being a deadhead like a lightswitch
Sweeney99: not true
BrothaEsau: lol
DScarlet35: k
StilDew: wbd
ChinaRider: Understood
NFACAT43: do ya dig it
DScarlet35: ty rick
StilDew: : )
JDBo: Someone tell a Jerry tale.
StilDew: np
DScarlet35: man im freakin sweatin my arse off
Sweeney99: nice Roses on bulletradio right now
DScarlet35: :-[
StilDew: i had a dream i was swimmin with the band once
NFACAT43: the cozmic energy created when one person knows another person that well
DScarlet35: lol
Sweeney99: is it hot where you are?
DScarlet35: hammering too?
StilDew: s'not that hot here.. for once3
Sweeney99: cool here in SF
SallyGoodin04: geoff you're right. i totally have turned my back on my whole being a deadhead... and then my friend took me to a SCI show... and the hippie came out in me INSTANTLY
SallyGoodin04: like it never left
NFACAT43: yeah i dig it
LAloha02: Freezing in Argentina
DScarlet35: eah geoff......mostly humid
Sweeney99: you can't change who you are
StevefStStephen: c'mon yankees
StilDew: gosox
Sweeney99: LAloha, you should get a prize!
NFACAT43: geoff its so humid up here in the east the rose peddles are stuck together
DScarlet35: lol
LAloha02: Why ?
JDBo: I managed to sneak a Stealie onto the back of a car our Governor was riding in in a TV commercial.
Sweeney99: is anyone farther away?
DScarlet35: lol
LAloha02: LOL
StilDew: we still up by 4 d?
SBandit78: keep your day job......
Sweeney99: the peddles have puddled?
DScarlet35: by 4?
NFACAT43: yup
DScarlet35: ((((((((((((Hal))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: ohhh
DScarlet35: sox?
Caldead: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ 710 }}}}}}}}}}}}}}} ty geoff
DScarlet35: i dunno rick
StilDew: last i heared
StevefStStephen: going into today''s games it was 3 and a 1/2
Sweeney99: caldead!
DScarlet35: kids r watching tv
NFACAT43: except the one i plucked for Jerry Garcia today
Sweeney99: so many wonderful people
NFACAT43: so cheers he gave us a great run
DScarlet35: u started it geoff
Sweeney99: you know, the photos in my AOL memorial journey don't show up anymore
LAloha02: I am converting the Argentine phone consultants to the Dead Head WAY
DScarlet35: ;-)
Jackstraw42965: hi Hal
Sweeney99: I'll have to rescan them and put them on the web
StevefStStephen: womack, jeter and cano r up
StilDew: righton laloh
Caldead: hi simon, donna, y'all thanks for being here!!!!!!!!
Sweeney99: if we had more deadheads around the world, it would be a better place!
Jackstraw42965: ty for showing up hal to
DScarlet35: true enough
StilDew: nice 2 c u hal
StevefStStephen: yes goeff
StevefStStephen: geoff
LAloha02: Sweeny email me what you need I'll send it up the chain at AOL
SBandit78: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((ronni mama)))))))))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((((((Ronni)))))))))))))))))))))))
StilDew: (( ( ( (R ) ) ) ))
Sweeney99: do you know some people at AOL?
DScarlet35: hey mama...wtf ya been?
DScarlet35: how ya been too?
NFACAT43: we will see fall come again darkness falls n seasons change
SallyGoodin04: i gotta run, good seein ya all
ChinaRider: Hey EVeryone, Great chatting with ya - Good to see those I havent in a While - A Big thanks to Geoff as always....
DScarlet35: tc sally
StilDew: p's sal
DScarlet35: night china
NFACAT43: Teri peace
Sweeney99: later sally
ChinaRider: Gotta get goin
DaysieslnMyHair: ((((((((((((D, Hal, Donna love, Simon, Di, Scotty, R - All ya's))))))))))))))
NFACAT43: i mean sally
LAloha02: I am the international Launch support specialist at AOL
StevefStStephen: bye china
Sweeney99: seeya tom
SallyGoodin04: gnite jeff, geoff, D, all
Sweeney99: keep the faith
NFACAT43: gigglin
ChinaRider: Always!
StevefStStephen: womack singles
Sweeney99: I talked to my contact today, and she's looking into why the keywords stopped working'
LAloha02: Alot of the people in Va are fellow Dead Heads
StevefStStephen: we have the beginning of a rally maybe
StilDew: ne1 see willie in his new movie?
Sweeney99: it's not like they're using them for anything else
DScarlet35: wb win
Jackstraw42965: i am an english deadhead
WindenceDoe1: thx
NFACAT43: anyone in new york go to strawberry feilds any new yorkers here ?
DScarlet35: nah rick
Sweeney99: some people don't understand how helpful the people at AOL have been over the years
Sweeney99: there have been a few jerks
StevefStStephen: nfa, i didn't
Sweeney99: but most people are cool
Jackstraw42965: i was at strawberry fields the day george harrison died
NFACAT43: ive never been to strawberry feilds either
Jackstraw42965: november 30th 2001
Sweeney99: are you in UK now jackstraw?
StevefStStephen: so was i jack
NFACAT43: must get there one day
Jackstraw42965: no im not i live in cali
StevefStStephen: actually that was the day after
StilDew: ben and jerry made a limited edition strawberry fields
LAloha02: Send me an E mail and I'll work on it from this side
Jackstraw42965: it was
Sweeney99: columbia or is that short for CA?
SBandit78: smoke gets in your eyes~jgb
NFACAT43: let it grow wild n free ........
Jackstraw42965: i know it was the 30th i was there cos it was winston churchills bday to
StevefStStephen: i go to strawberry fields for all the beatle anniversaries
Sweeney99: welcome all!
WindenceDoe1: brb
StilDew: hey Di
Jackstraw42965: and i was there for the phil shows at the beacon
StevefStStephen: george died on the 29th
Stephyny: so, bulletradio.com is all up and running and ALL DEAD again :)
Stephyny: sorry for the inconvenience
StevefStStephen: me 2 jack
DScarlet35: ((((((((((((James))))))))))))))
Sweeney99: just started a real uptempo dark star on bulletradio.com
Sweeney99: must be real early
NFACAT43: yeah on aug9th 95 there was a big turnout at strawberry feilds to
DScarlet35: hi TenAsee
TalcottCJ8: hey now ((((donna))))
TalcottCJ8: what's up evryone
StevefStStephen: it was announced on the 30th
StilDew: watup Talc
StevefStStephen: yes nfa..i was there
Jackstraw42965: right, makes sense
DScarlet35: lol
NFACAT43: were ya stephen i remember watching it still today
DScarlet35: ronni
PrincessFly27: so....is there any talk of any of u all going to vegas fer halloween?
Sweeney99: Stephyny, maybe we can do this again sometime, with more planning?
NFACAT43: wish i had been there personally
DScarlet35: ummmmmmm
Jackstraw42965: ill be there di
StevefStStephen: but they r really cracking down on music at strawberry fields
DScarlet35: mebbe
PrincessFly27: i wanna go
StilDew: (( Vegoose ))
DScarlet35: why di?....u going?
Stephyny: geoff, which part?
Sweeney99: do people like the idea of getting together online during a specific internet stream?
DaysieslnMyHair: donna
PrincessFly27: my grandma owes me a plane ticket
DScarlet35: how's u mama?
StilDew: since i've missed everything else..
DaysieslnMyHair: sorry, a lil distracted
PrincessFly27: so there is talk
JDBo: Great idea on the stream.
PrincessFly27: lots of talk
DScarlet35: i see
DaysieslnMyHair: good good ... hows u?
NFACAT43: thats sucks thats the whole point of it bein there bring acoustic guitars n drums n stuff to me
DScarlet35: im great,ty
PrincessFly27: ((((((((((((((((((((((((Ronniudirtylittleslutimissedu)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
DaysieslnMyHair: good to hear
Stephyny: well, bulletradio.com plays Dead and Phish every night between 1-4 am
DScarlet35: hot now tho
DScarlet35: damn
Sweeney99: this DS must be real early, it's almost frantic
StevefStStephen: aabsolutley , geoff, especially when i can get the stream...not the case this time
DaysieslnMyHair: ((((((((((((((DiSkankAssHobagILoveYouToPieces))))))))))))
PrincessFly27: yay
Stephyny: and we're going to start playing full shows and sets
DScarlet35: lol
PrincessFly27: horray
DaysieslnMyHair: haha whore-ay
DaysieslnMyHair: ;)
BrothaEsau: i saw some really cool picture , early picture of jerry today playing a banjo
BrothaEsau: check it out
StilDew: Tena
BrothaEsau: Grateful Dead roots 1960-1966
DScarlet35: wth did Jodee go?
BrothaEsau: 1st picture
VlOLETJED: got high and fell on the phone
Sweeney99: well, I think it's kind of fun to meet here, knowing that the old AOL is almost non-existent!
DScarlet35: wow D
Sweeney99: like a secret spot!
DScarlet35: lmao Jodee
NFACAT43: grateful dawg has old clips of bluegrass .....
BrothaEsau: yea
NFACAT43: yeah brotha
NFACAT43: my esau
Caldead: hi again
NFACAT43: howdy
StilDew: ::kick starting my browser::
DScarlet35: wb
DScarlet35: lol rick
DScarlet35: Obituary: Jerry Garcia 1942-1995
Caldead: my neighbors are lucky they are getting to hear some great Jerry!!!!!!!!!!
DScarlet35: lol
DScarlet35: simon
VlOLETJED: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{HALORIFIC}}}}}}}}}}}} give it to em
VlOLETJED: mine are loving it
NFACAT43: get your handrums out n beat a beat
Caldead: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ jo dee }}}}}}}}}}}}}} miss ya mama
StevefStStephen: lol cal ..i hope they apprecaite their luck
VlOLETJED: miss yout too darlin
Amysageamy: ty donna
DScarlet35: ((((((((((((((amy))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: np
Amysageamy: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((9donna))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
StevefStStephen: if not, u can move next to me
Sweeney99: that's funny, I feel the same way. for some reason I think I'm sharing if I drive down the street whilst Jerry is sparkling real loud
DScarlet35: lol
Caldead: how sweet it is to be loved by you!
DScarlet35: right on!
DScarlet35: indeed Geoff
Sweeney99: of course, those other people that drive down the street with their radio's blasting are not as cool! ;-)
DScarlet35: lol
StevefStStephen: what a relief to hear that blasting instead of that god awful rap music
Caldead: thats 'cause they have no taste in music
Amysageamy: lol
PrincessFly27: well im gonna get going everyone
PrincessFly27: have a good night
PrincessFly27: :)
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((Di))))))))))))))))) tc
Amysageamy: nite fly
Jackstraw42965: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((amy))))))))))))))))))))))))
StilDew: i lub hearin the headdy music cranked
NFACAT43: derek you heading to GOTV
Caldead: thanks for the fly by di
Jackstraw42965: im back now
Sweeney99: thanks for stopping by princess
Amysageamy: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((simon))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
PrincessFly27: anytime hal
PrincessFly27: ta ta
VlOLETJED: high time...................how appropriate LOL
Amysageamy: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((derek))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Jackstraw42965: man i was missing ya amY :)
Sweeney99: people come and go so quickly
Caldead: simon did you see the shuttle land this morning?>
Amysageamy: awwwww
DScarlet35: yes he was amy
TalcottCJ8: it's summer
Sweeney99: now an old chinacat on bulletradio.com
Jackstraw42965: yea i did hal
TalcottCJ8: I'm only here as a pitstop before the next big shindig
Caldead: sweet take pics?
Jackstraw42965: we saw it from a distance
StevefStStephen: wish i could get it geoff
StilDew: 6*7*69
Jackstraw42965: it flew over my house
DScarlet35: anni's 1st
Sweeney99: what seems to be the problem? We want to make sure it works for everyone
NFACAT43: anyone heading to GOTV this comin weekend
Jackstraw42965: ive seen it land many times from the base itself
Sweeney99: Stephyny, can you help him offline?
TalcottCJ8: yeah I am jeff
DScarlet35: nah jeff
NFACAT43: enjoy james enjoy
TalcottCJ8: will do thanks
NFACAT43: great lookin lineup
Sweeney99: stilldew, what is 6-7-69?
BrothaEsau: im thinkin bout it geoff
TalcottCJ8: last weekend was pretty good for jerry's bday bash
BrothaEsau: james u went?
Sweeney99: did you guys see those old pics I took at GOTV in 96?
TalcottCJ8: just got in last night, how about that space shuttle huh?
NFACAT43: man its lookin sweet on paper all these upcomin fests
TalcottCJ8: big sigh of relief
BrothaEsau: james.......i was at jerrys birthday bash
TalcottCJ8: did you have fun?
BrothaEsau: lol yea
TalcottCJ8: way to be! :)
Caldead: {{{{{{{{{ anni }}}}}}}}}}}
VlOLETJED: wb anni
Annis Homework: ((((((((((((((((((( hal )))))))))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((anni)))))))))))))))))
BrothaEsau: lol
Jackstraw42965: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((annis))))))))))))))))))))))0
Annis Homework: ty (((((((((((( Jodee ))))))))))))))))
BrothaEsau: i saw u
Annis Homework: ((((((((((((((((((((((((( donna )))))))))))))))))))
BrothaEsau: u didnt say hi
DScarlet35: lol
DScarlet35: snob
Annis Homework: (((((((((((((((((((((((((( simons ))))))))))))))))))))
Annis Homework: (((((((((((((((((((((( derek )))))))))))))))))))))))0
TalcottCJ8: you say me?
BrothaEsau: (((((((anni))))))))))))
TalcottCJ8: saw* even
BrothaEsau: yea
TalcottCJ8: where at?
BrothaEsau: lol
SBandit78: i know u rider gonna miss me when im gone
Amysageamy: ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((anni))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
TalcottCJ8: yous hould have come over and partied in my camp man
Annis Homework: hi ((((((((((((((((((( scott ))))))))))))))
BrothaEsau: i was camped right by the stage entrance
BrothaEsau: i saw everyone
Annis Homework: (((((((((((((((((((((((( amy )))))))))))))))))))))))))
VlOLETJED: i was havin a high tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime
Caldead: werent you the hippie looking guy in the tie dye t shirt?
Sweeney99: here are some old pix of us: http://gdforum.com/vibes/index.html
Amysageamy: oh derek how come anni gets huggs and not me?
VlOLETJED: livin the good liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife
SBandit78: ((((((((anni)))))))
TalcottCJ8: we were all in tyedyes!
TalcottCJ8: lol
BrothaEsau: ((((((((((amy)))))))))))))))))))
Amysageamy: lol
Amysageamy: ty
Sweeney99: I believe kat ice died on the way home from a GOTV in later years
Amysageamy: ((((((((((((((((derek)))))))))))))
Jackstraw42965: ha ha amy
Sweeney99: too bad sguacamole and ladywthfan aren't here
Amysageamy: brb i have to put on music
VlOLETJED: i wish jude amethystxi was here
DScarlet35: call her up
BrothaEsau: oceandead7 too
VlOLETJED: dude , i should
BrothaEsau: and fourwindzs
Annis Homework: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( windy ))))))))))))))))))))))))0
BrothaEsau: both robs
StilDew: and you may ask youself..
VlOLETJED: rob and rob should so be here
NFACAT43: :-)
Jackstraw42965: bq amy
BrothaEsau: have seen oceandead since a phil show like 4 years ago
BrothaEsau: lol
Sweeney99: I'm the big huge guy in the pix
VlOLETJED: wheres randy?
Annis Homework: hi (((((((((((((((( lisa ))))))))))))))))))))))))
BrothaEsau: rando?
Annis Homework: brb phone, it's ang !!
BrothaEsau: who knows lol
Mistybluex2: ((((((((Anni))))))) hiya
DScarlet35: awww i miss oceandead
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((misty))))))))))))))))
StilDew: or wind to blow...
NFACAT43: i saw oceandead in philzone live chat about a month ago derek
BrothaEsau: yea?
Mistybluex2: i bet anni has a root hangin out her ear from the phone, hahahha
Caldead: <<<<< is calling jude
NFACAT43: he must not have aol anymore
Mistybluex2: hey cal
DScarlet35: lol
Sweeney99: I would like to get in a couple of words before I go home in a few minutes
VlOLETJED: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
VlOLETJED: thanks hal
Sweeney99: I want to thank you all so much, there is much love in this room
NFACAT43: when phil played in denver he was in there
Sweeney99: if you want to do this again, let me know
BrothaEsau: thank you sweeney
DScarlet35: ty geoff
Jackstraw42965: (((((((((((((((((((windy)))))))))))))))))0
VlOLETJED: i want to do it all the time
Jackstraw42965: ange is on the phone
TalcottCJ8: don't knwo when I'll be on here next
DScarlet35: lol
Mistybluex2: (((((((Simon))))))))))
BrothaEsau: u made this whole gdf happen
TalcottCJ8: but til next time, keep jammin
Sweeney99: if you find something broken, send me an email at geoff@gdforum.com
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((((((((((((ange))))))))))))))))))) hey mama
VlOLETJED: {{{{{{{{{{{{{{GEOFF}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Sweeney99: that's quicker than sweeney99
VlOLETJED: thanks for giving us a place for the love
Sweeney99: O
DScarlet35: (((((((((((((((((((James)))))))))))))))
Sweeney99: I'll see if anyone
TalcottCJ8: (((donna)))))
NFACAT43: {{{{{{{{{{{{ geoff keep on rockin dude }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
Jackstraw42965: yea thanks Geoff
Sweeney99: is still here when I get home
StilDew: P'Sween
Sweeney99: let's thank Stephyny for getting us a custom stream tonight
Sweeney99: and thank you Jerry, wherever you are
Caldead: left her a message
Mistybluex2: hey cal
VlOLETJED: i can still scream it right?
Jackstraw42965: im back
DScarlet35: yes
NFACAT43: Jerrys on my couch Geoff just chillin out
Caldead: hi lisa
DScarlet35: ((((((((((((((((((((((JERRY)))))))))))))))))))
DScarlet35: wb simon
NFACAT43: heeeeheeee
Jackstraw42965: ((((((((((((((((((((lisa)))))))))))))))0
Sweeney99: maybe I'll see you in a half hour or so, if not goodnight
Amysageamy: back
DScarlet35: tc Geoff,drive safe
Mistybluex2: ((((((((((Simon))))))))
DScarlet35: wb amy
Amysageamy: ty donna

8/9/05 7:01:39 PM Closing "Chat Log 8-9-05"