A Night at the Fillmore


Robert Hunter at the Fillmore Auditorium, 3/23/97


I arrived a bit too late to take pictures of the soundcheck, but was able to snag a few shots of the people involved in the show. Robert was relaxed (or at least appeared to be!) and the Fillmore was transfixed by the prodigious display of material we have grown up with.



After sound check, Hunter relaxes on the lip of the stage.

I thought I'd get a quick shot of the stage setting before the crowd came in. It was perhaps akin to entering the Professor's private study!

The Crew

Jeff Hellman at the helm of the PA. Good Job Jeff!

Chris DiSalvo, who was assisting Jeff for the Fillmore gig. I took the photo too close, thus the over exposed facial features. Sorry Chris!

Matt Haasch from UltraSound handled the stage monitors for the Fillmore gig. He also had a spare powerbook when we were looking for help for Frankie. Her SE30 blew up, and she was trying to IRC report from the Fillmore. Alas, no power supply, so the attempt lasted only 1/2 hour!

The Show

See what a good photographer can do?
A real nice shot of Robert courtesy of
Susana Millman.

A nice view of his stage setting. One of the most memorable aspects was when during "It Must Have Been the Roses," he just sat down on the stool to say whatever he damn well wanted to with his fingers. No rock star posing, no bullshit, just taking his time, telling the story in his own way.
courtesy of
Susana Millman.


The Songs

Robert Hunter
Fillmore Auditorium 3/23/97
Palm Sunday (just a few lines)-->
Box of Rain
Bertha -->
Help! -->
Mr. Charlie -->
Easy Wind
Keys to the Rain
Brown-eyed Women*
Tales of the Great Rum Runners
Mason's Children -->
New Speedway Boogie
Shelter From the Storm
Must've Been the Roses
The End of the Road
China Cat>Spacey Jam>Dark Star>China Cat>Dark Star>China Cat>Dark Star
Wharf Rat
Cruel White Water* (dedicated to RH's mom who was in the balcony)
Pits of Thunder*
Down the Road (with a line or two of So Many Roads thrown in at end)
Reuben and Cerise*
Days Between -->
Boys in the Barroom (a capella)

Upstairs at the Fillmore, Family shots

Eileen and Cassidy Law, forced into a corny family pose. It was good to see so much of the "family" checking out Hunter's show

Frankie (right) and a helpful Webmaster who brought his Mac by after Frankie's SE30 fried, and we ate up the batteries in Matt's Powerbook. Frankie says she was able to get on IRC before the end of the show and file some reports.

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