The Dead
Chula Vista and Irvine CA

This report filed by Sean:

I just got back from the shows in San Diego and Irvine. The show in San Diego, I think, made the Dead look tired and sort of sluggish. Warren made up for it though with some good licks and crazy guitar action. I had never heard a couple of these songs live before, although not too bad, these songs did not sound like they were even being played by the band I had heard so many times before.

The show itself in Irvine was fantastic!! Although a tough trek up a humungous hill to the top of the Meadows to see the show!! WHEW!! At this show, I saw that the Dead were back!! JAMMIN\! The sold out show showed me that Bobby was excited this time; playing like I know Bobby to play, and when we all heard 'Music Never Stopped' everyone was on their feet!! Great time in Irvine. Now back to the East Coast and back to workin' for the man. I will attempt to post again after the S.P.A.C. show here

Thanx for your time!
Later on down the road...

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