Mickey Hart, Rolling Thunder


Rolling Thunder, Shoshone Invocation, :49
The Main Ten / Playing in the Band, 6:59
Fletcher Carnaby, 4:10
The Chase / Progress, 3:58
Blind John, 3:44
Young Man, 2:40
Deep, Wide and Frequent, 5:29
Pump Song, 4:37
Granma's Cookies, 2:52
Hangin' On, 3:14

One of the great records by what I call the "Marin County Mafia" or what Paul Kantner calls the "Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra," or PERRO.

The original LP release included an inserted which provided musician information for each track.

Rolling Thunder (Shoshone Invocation);

The Main Ten (Playing in the Band); Fletcher Carnaby; The Chase (Progress); Blind John; Young Man; Deep, Wide and Frequent; Pump Song; Gran'ma's Cookies; Hangin' On; Other credits

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