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The GDForum.Community mailing list will feature periodic mailings about community-related issues. Examples of content will include important announcements about the surviving GD members, as well as other bands we like (Fellow Travelers). Since the GDForum.Community also has an online store, we will be announcing new additions to the CyberStore, as well as reviews of CD's, Books, etc. The articles will primarily come directly from the GDForum crew, but we will accept reviews from time-to-time from subscribers as well.

The intent here is not to spam; usually there will not be a mailing more than once or twice a week, but we reserve the right to publish as we see fit, if deemed important.

Please remember to not block us if you have spam settings in place. Our most recent mailing had a huge amount of undelivered messages, and all the people on the list subscribe by choice. This is a classic "opt-in" list so that nobody will get a mailing that doesn't want it. If you feel that maybe you're not getting your newsletters (check here to see the archives)

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