Geoff's Report on

The Gathering of the Vibes

June 21-22, 1997

In the beautiful Croton Point Park, an hour north of New York City, Terrapin Tapes put together a festival for East Coast Deadheads. It was more than just a gathering of GD-influenced bands, which it was indeed as well. It was a chance for people to live together for a few days, and nourish a common dream. Besides the obvious non-stop partying, there was much discussion about where we're headed, and reflections on where we'd been that "afternoon, long ago."

"Gotta get back to the garden"

People were camped out in every conceivable niche along the length of the park. Tents, sleeping bags, vans, you name it! As you walked along the road, you'd hear tapes from car stereos playing the Dead, Allmans, Marley, Max Creek, or just about any "Fellow Traveler" you could think of. In the main campground Saturday night, a drum circle played all night long, way past sunrise!


The Jerry-atric Ward

Steve Silberman, David Gans, and I (l to r) shared a 'rustic' cabin at the park. It was pretty hilarious at times. Three older heads from the San Francisco area, coping with the withering heat and humidity at a gathering of mainly much-younger people used to this kind of weather.

Since all three of us are incredibly opinionated, and always right, you can bet we had some interesting late-night discussions about the state of the Deadhead world.


The Tribe Gathers for the Music

They had two stages side-by-side, so there never had to be much break in the music. I believe the crowd is rockin' to a muscular version of St. Stephen by the Zen Tricksters.

In the background, see the first-aid tent, where many a heat-stroked head sought refuge. Three cheers for the medical staff at the Gathering!



Since the back of the stage was the open sky above the Hudson River, it was pretty pointless shooting pictures with my QuickTake fron the crowd in front of the stage. Here's a decent side-view of Strangfolk's Sunday show, taken by David Gans. During this set, a sudden cloudburst and lightning storm shut everything down for a while until the danger passed.

Heads Online Meet F2F (face to face)

It's always nice to meet people you've come to know pretty well in the cyber-world. On Saturday at 2 PM, this many HOL'ers (AOL Heads OnLine) got together face-to-face.

Let's see, in the back row, from the left is David Gans (DGans), Neil (SGuacamole), Ray Hogan (Eleven Jam), me (Sweeney99), Steve Silberman (Digaman1), and Frank (hslipfrank)

Ladies, from left, Erica (violetbrze), jessie (deliah475) , Kathleen (kat ice), Jodie (Ladywthafn), Robin (Halldancer), Bernice (Nix 8)


Geoff and the Busdrivers

It was nice to meet a couple of people I essentially "work" with everyday. Jodie (Ladywthafn) and Neil (SGuacamole) are two of the "busdrivers" who help folk out in the chat rooms at the GD Forum. I'm sure if you ask them about this picture, they'll probably claim I was standing on some phone books or something!



Mr. Silberman's Sunday Morning Service

Deadhead author Steve Silberman led a discussion about the state of the Deadhead community, and where it might be headed. Even after the all-night drum circles, about 20+ people dragged themselves into the rec-hall early Sunday morning.

The guy playing bagpipes outside was certainly memorable!


John Dwork

John Dwork, of Dupree's Diamond News, is resting between sets here. Much discussion during the weekend was swirling around "What's up with DDN?" Everyone hopes for the best for this important community magazine.


Thanks Bob!

Bob from Terrapin Tapes worked practically round-the-clock for the entire weekend, and still maintained an excellent positive attitude, even when we inadvertantly locked him out of the cabin Friday night! Sorry Bob.

Notice the boat on the Hudson River coming out of Bob's left ear.


Ken Hays

Ken Hays, the tireless promoter, and Terrapin Tapes owner, is shown here in the classic pose for the weekend: talking into the radio. He kept threatening to turn the radio off and go dancing; I hope he got the chance to enjoy himself.

Job Well Done Ken.

Thanks to all at Terrapin Tapes.

The Bands that (were supposed to have) played

This is the schedule as published just days before the event. Due to a severe lightning storm on Sunday during Strangefolk's set, the sets that followed got shortened a bit.

Saturday June 21st


Terrapin Stage

Wetlands Stage

Sunday June 22nd


Terrapin Stage

Wetlands Stage

Late Night in the Rec Hall(near the bon-fire)



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