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Bill Kreutzmann joins The Other Ones

[note from Geoff: This press release comes direct from the GD press office]


Jerry Garcia was fond of saying "It's an imperfect universe." Which was what we told ourselves when The Other Ones lost their sterling drummer, John Molo, to scheduling conflicts.

And then sometimes things are, as Bob Weir is wont to say, "just exactly perfect."

The Other Ones and Furthur Festival are delighted to announce that our 'new' drummer is none other than Bill Kreutzmann. Thirty years with the Grateful Dead kind of qualify him for the job. He joins Bob Weir (vocals, guitar), Bruce Hornsby (vocals, keyboards), Mickey Hart (vocals, percussion), Steve Kimock (lead guitar), Mark Karan (vocals, lead guitar), and Alphonso Johnson (vocals, bass). Furthur will begin August 23 in San Diego and go through September 24 in Atlanta.

As Bill puts it: "I am extremely excited to be playing music again with Bobby, Mickey, Bruce and the rest of the band. I had listened to them talk about how great the last tour was and I knew if they ever did it again that I would want to be right there alongside them. I've had a great time in Hawaii, but I have to admit to a slight case of island fever and the only cure is to play music and see people dancing in the aisles again."

When was the last time you got to see something that was just exactly perfect?


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