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The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack CD

5 CD set featuring selections from 10/16/74 through 10/20/74. Mastered in HDCD from the original 16 track, 2" analog reels. The six hour, 40 song Soundtrack fills in the gaps from the Movie and its bonus footage, featuring 20 unreleased tracks. Especially noteworthy is Disc 2's He's Gone through Stella Blue from 10/17 and Disc 4's Sugar Magnolia through Sunshine Daydream from 10/19. Disc 5 features Mickey Hart's return to the Grateful Dead, and presents the second set of 10/20 in its entirety. The packaging includes a 24 page booklet with commentary and photos.

Disc 1
US Blues
One More Saturday Night
China Cat Sunflower>
I Know You Rider
Eyes of the World>
China Doll
Playing In The Band

Disc 2
Scarlet Begonias
He’s Gone>
The Other One>
Spanish Jam>
Mind Left Body Jam>
The Other One>
Stella Blue
Casey Jones

Disc 3
Uncle John’s Band
Big Railroad Blues
Tomorrow Is Forever
Sugar Magnolia>
He’s Gone>
Caution Jam>
Black Peter
Sunshine Daydream

Disc 4
Weather Report Suite
Dark Star>
Morning Dew
Not Fade Away>
Goin’ Down The Road Feeling Bad>

Disc 5
Playing In The Band>
Not Fade Away>
The Other One>
Wharf Rat>
Playing In The Band
Johnny B. Goode
Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toodeloo>
We Bid You Goodnight

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