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Jerry Garcia
The Jerry Garcia Collection, Volume 1:
Legion of Mary
2-CD Set

street date: 8.23.05

The Grateful Dead's revered and mercurial Jerry Garcia pursued an eclectic array of side projects throughout his life. Many were folk/bluegrass-oriented, but for a brief time a Garcia band incarnation known as Legion of Mary conjured up and inspired rock and jazz vibe. Featuring Jerry on guitar/vocals, Merl Saunders on keyboards/vocals, John Kahn on bass, Martin Fierro on reeds, and former Elvis drummer Ron Tutt, the quintet played just over 60 now-historic shows from December 1974 through July 1975. Distinguished by hard grooves and that unique Garcia improvisational style, the unit disbanded in the wake of concurrent Dead activities such as the Blues for Allah sessions, but these never-before-released recordings capture their magic.

Disc 1
  • Tough Mama***
  • That's A Touch I Like**
  • I Second That Emotion**
  • Since I Lost My Baby (Instrumental Jam)**
  • Tore Up Over You**
  • The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down**
  • Talkin' 'Bout You**
Disc 2
  • I'll Take A Melody***
  • Let It Rock***
  • Neighbor, Neighbor***
  • Money Honey***
  • Last Train From Poor Valley***
  • Mystery Train***
  • How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You*
* Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR (12/14/74)

** Keystone, Berkeley, CA (3/1/75 & 5/22/75)

*** Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA (2/27/75, 5/15/75, 7/4/75 & 7/5/75)

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