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Community Interviews

NEW! 8/9/05 AOL Chat 10-year "Reunion"

6/1/04 Henry Kaiser chat transcript

9/23/03 Dennis McNally chat transcript

8/17/02 Dennis McNally chat transcript

5/9/02 Audio Interview w/Mickey Hart (MP3 format)

3/18/02 David Gans Chat (for Postcards of the Hanging)

2/13/02 David Lemieux Live Chat (for Dick's Picks 13-18)

2/6/02 Trichromes Live Interview (needs RealAudio)

8/14/01 Max Creek Live Chat

6/27/01 Merl Saunders Live Chat

6/21/01 Bill Walton Telephone Interview (needs RealAudio)

11/7/00 Bob Weir Telephone Interview (needs RealAudio)

Silberman interviews Gans re: Persuasions new CD

7/30/00 Mickey Hart from WOMAD Festival

Live chat with Weir, Hart, and Kreutzmann from TOO reheasal (8/2/00)

GDF Live chat with Relix Magazine (5/16/00)

Interview with Vince Welnick (needs RealAudio) 4/30/00

Dick's Picks 16 chat with Jeffrey Norman and David Lemieux 2/29/00

Gans, Jackson, and Silberman Box Set Chat 11/9/99

David Gans 9/14/99 Chat

Blair Jackson 8/9/98 Chat

Donna Jean 12/10/98 Chat

Dick Latvala 10/30/98 Chat Transcript

Mickey Hart GDForum Interview 8/31/98

Dennis McNally Live Chat 8/31/98

Bill Champlin Live Chat 8/13/98

Interview with Mark Karan 6/19/98

Dennis McNally Interactive Chat 4/29/98

Vince Welnick AOL Live Interview 4/28/98

Transcript of Furthur Chat with Weir, Hart, and Hornsby on 7/19/97 from Chicago

Phil Lesh Live Chat from the Fillmore, 6/14/97 [+photos]

Robert Hunter 12/19/96 GD Forum/MacWorld Interview

Henry Kaiser 10/26/96 GD Forum Interview

Dick Latvala 10/10/96 GD Forum Interview

Mickey Hart 10/1/96 AOL Live Interview

Garcia 8/9/96 Memorial Transcript

Transcript of GD/Lithuania Press Conference 5/21/96

Phil Lesh at the Fillmore AOL chat 12/10/95

Dennis McNally Interview

Skeleton Key Authors' Interview



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