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new! 12/7/01 Kesey's friends gather in tribute (SFGate)

new! 12/6/01 Settlement over most of Jerry Garcia's estate (SFGate)

new! 12/5/01 Garcia Guitarmaker backs out of settlement (SFGate)

11/21/01 When Veterans Stadium has a meaning (USA Today) [a patriotic reverie loosely wrapped around a Hunter lyric]

11/21/01 Where Music Trading Thrives (Wired News)

11/14/01 Memorial held for novelist and psychedelic pioneer Ken Kesey (SFGate)

11/11/01 KEN KESEY 1935-2001 Larger-than-life novelist, counterculture icon dies (SF Chronicle Book Section)

11/10/01 Ken Kesey, novelist of `One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,' dies at 66 (SFGate) [note from Geoff: see Ken's Intrepid Trips page too]

11/6/01 Strings of gold--There was something special about Doug Irwin's guitars, and Jerry Garcia knew what it was (SFGate)

11/02/01 THE ARTS Jerry Garcia art to be shown with '60s rock 'n' roll photography Exhibition shows other side of Garcia (SF Chronicle Arts Section)

11/1/01 Garcia's guitars can stay together - Builder to get 2, but band can match bid (SFGate)

10/31/01 He is the world-Mickey Hart spans the globe with Bembe Orisha (Creative Loafing)

10/17/01 The Grateful Dead, alive again ( [review of WB Box Set]

10/17/01 Jerry Garcia highlights musical documentary (Jam!Showbiz) [review of Grateful Dawg]

10/5/01 Six Years After Jerry, Grateful Dead Music Never Stops (Yahoo News)

10/5/01 Hart on New Band, New Dead (Yahoo News)

10/5/01 Father Plays Best - Gillian Grisman’s documentary of life with Dad and Jerry (Yahoo News)

10/2/01 Dawg days:David Grisman's daughter makes film about his bluegrass partnership with Garcia (SF Gate) [click here for more info about soundtrack]

8/24/01 Not Fade Away (

8/24/01 So Many Roads review (

8/23/01 Judge refuses to dismiss suit over Jerry Garcia's guitars (SFGate)

8/20/01 Ratdog, Jones Beach Amphitheater, Wantagh, NY- 8/15 (JamBands)

8/13/01 Add a touch of gray, and another band ( [ratdog story]

7/19/01 Mimi Fariña, Bread and Roses founder, passes on (SFGate)

7/17/01 Grateful Dead Van Sold On eBay (

7/16/01 High-tech gear saves Vault tapes (Yahoo biz)

7/13/01 Dead insider pacts for "Strange" book (Reuters) [note from Geoff: this is about Dennis McNally's GD Bio]

7/11/01 Private Tour of Grateful Dead Vaults To Be Sold by Rhino Entertainment on eBay Starting July 12 (Excite) [click here to bid on charity auction]

7/5/01 A NEW LESH, ON LIFE (Kansas City Star)

7/1/01 Words From The Philzone (JamBase)

6/26/01 Phil Lesh Chat Log from USA Today

6/11/01 CRUSADER RABBIT STEALTH BAND (JamBase) [review of surprise Phil and Bobby show]

6/11/01 Phil Lesh and Bob Weir Are United Again For Impromptu Show (GDF NetNews)

5/25/01 Mickey Gives Surround Sound Listening Party (GDF NetNews)

5/20/01Surround Sound Soars (SF Gate) [re: surround sound remixes of American Beauty and Workingman's Dead]

5/20/01 Long, Strange Trip (Bergen Record) [a New Jersey travel article about SF's Haight/Ashbury]

5/18/01 Guthrie tribute, concert will accent Northwest (Seattle Times)

4/23/01 Deadheads May Not Be Grateful (Wired)

4/22/01 Jerry Garcia guitars in legal limbo - Ex-bandmates fight Dead star's bequest (SF Gate)

4/17/01 New Lesh on Life (Pittsburgh City Online)
[article by GDF member JP Gatta!]

4/1/01 Ratdog settles down (St. Petersburg Times)

3/28/01 Show 'n' Tell: Bob Weir of Ratdog (Creative Loafing interview by Todd Prusin)

3/28/01 The Other Ones Are Dead After Hornsby Quits (
[note from Geoff: GDP has never wanted to publicly comment to me on this story]

3/22/01 Kerouac's 'On the Road' Scroll to Be Auctioned (AP/Yahoo)

3/19/01 I'm with the brand (The
[subtitle: Hey man, if you wanna succeed in the new economy, follow the Grateful Dead]

3/16/01 Ownership Of Garcia's Guitars Disputed (Billboard)

3/13/01 Earth Day Celebration at Grace Cathedral to feature Mickey Hart and others (Environmental News Network) [live webcast 4/22 @ 4:30 PM PT at]

3/1/01 Sony Grateful for Garcia Pic (Yahoo Reuters/Variety)

2/20/01 Phil Lesh and Friends Bring the Guitars (Wall of Sound)

2/20/01 Music review - Live Grateful Dead cuts very revealing (Evansville Courier and Press)

2/13/01 Bassist and Friends jam their way through Grateful Dead's classics (Denver Post)

2/2/01 KPFA Marathon set for 2/3/01 (GDF NetNews)

1/30/01 Live Recordings Surfacing Of Jerry Garcia's Un-Dead Work (SonicNet)

1/30/01 CD REVIEW: 'Don't Let Go' captures Garcia at his musical peak (Excite News)

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