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Rhino releases 5 more titles

This week, WEA/Rhino released 5 titles that had been cutout by BMG/Arista. Click on each item for more info.

Bob Weir

Essentially a full Grateful Dead album, with all Bobby songs!


  • Greatest Story Ever Told (Bob Weir / Robert Hunter)
  • Black Throated Wind (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • Walk In The Sunshine (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • Playing In The Band (Bob Weir / Robert Hunter)
  • Looks Like Rain (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • Mexicali Blues (Bob Weir / John Barlow)
  • One More Saturday Night (Bob Weir)
  • Cassidy (Bob Weir / John Barlow)

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Rolling Thunder
Mickey Hart

This is a must-have record for any fan of the Dead, Airplane, Quicksilver, or any other Marin County Mafia band!

  • Rolling Thunder (Shoshone Invocation) (Rolling Thunder)
  • The Main Ten (Playing in the Band) (Hart / Hunter / Weir)
  • Fletcher Carnaby (Hart / Hunter)
  • The Chase (Progress) (Hart)
  • Blind John (Monk / Stetson)
  • Young Man (Hart / Monk)
  • Deep, Wide and Frequent (Hart)
  • Pump Song (Hart / Hunter / Weir)
  • Gran'ma's Cookies (Hart)
  • Hangin' On (Monk / Stetson / Hart)

Heaven Help The Fool
Bob Weir


  • Bombs Away (Barlow/Weir)
  • Easy to Slip (George/Kibbee)
  • Salt Lake City (Barlow/Weir)
  • Shade of Grey (Barlow/Weir)
  • Heaven Help the Fool (Barlow/Weir)
  • This Time Forever (Barlow/Weir)
  • I'll Be Doggone (Moore/Robinson/Tarplin)
  • Wrong Way Feelin' (Barlow/Weir)
Bob Weir


  • Lazy Lightnin' (Weir / Barlow)
  • Supplication (Weir / Barlow)
  • Wild Northland (Torbert / Hovey)
  • Asia Minor (Carter / Gilbert / Quigley / Hovey)
  • Home to Dixie (Kelly / Cutler / Barlow / Weir)
  • Jump For Joy (Carter / Gilbert)
  • Good-Bye Yer Honor (Torbert / Hovey / Kelly)
  • Big Iron (Marty Robbins)
  • This Time (Torbert / Kelly)
  • Hypnotize (Torbert / Kelly)
  • Bye and Bye (Traditional arr. Weir / Barlow)
Bobby & The Midnites
Bob Weir


  • Haze (Cochran/Kelly/Mohawk/Mydland/Shaw/Weir)
  • Too Many Losers (Cochran/Weir)
  • Far Away (Cochran/Kelly/Weir)
  • Book of Rules (Johnson/Llewellyn)
  • Me, Without You (Barlow/Johnson)
  • Josephine (Weir)
  • (I Want to) Fly Away (Barlow/Weir)
  • Carry Me (Weir)
  • Festival (Weir)

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