TOO 8/3/02 Setlist

Set I

He's Gone Instrumental Jam>
Cryptical Envelopment (phil)>
The Other One>
Feel Like a Stranger
Bird Song (Phil)
Lazy Lightnin'>Supplication
Iko Iko (Mickey?)
Estimated Prophet>noodle>
Casey Jones (Barracco)
end of set at 9:21 CDT

Set II (started 10:06 CDT)

Music Never Stopped
Baba Jingo
China Cat Sunflower (Barraco)>
I Know You Rider
Morning Dew (Phil)
Dark Star>
Born Cross-eyed>
Dark Star>
Cryptical Envelopment>
One More Saturday Night
(end of 1st set 9:28 CDT)
Encore (started 9:36 CDT)
Help on the Way (Barraco)>
Franklin's Tower (Phil)
(ended 11:58 CDT)

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