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Fall Tour Setlists

8/4/02 Setlist
8/3/02 Setlist's new Terrapin page

TOO to re-unite for 2-day event (8/3-4/02)

Message from The Other Ones re:NYE 11/10/2000

Joe Ryan's pix of 9/9/00 TOO show

Other Ones Shoreline Webcast-archived

Photos of Furthur (Susana Millman)

Photos of Shoreline gig (Susana Millman)

Reviews of Furthur 2000 TOO Shows

Chat transcript w/Weir, Kreutzmann, and Hart on 8/2

Bill Kreutzmann joins The Other Ones (GDF NetNews)

Official Furthur 2000 Press Release (

Furthur 2000 Scheduled Dates (

Furthur 2000 Ticket Info (GDTSTOO)

Furthur 2000 officially takes shape (GDF NetNews)

Jon Weiner's photos of 6/25/98 Furthur

Phone Interview with Mark Karan 6/19/98

Geoff's Review of 6/4/98 The Other Ones Debut

Susana Millman's Photos of 6/4/98

Bob Minkin's Photos of 6/4/98


Mark Karan, Steve Kimock, and Dave Ellis