TOO 8/3/02 Setlist

TOO 8/4/02 Setlist

Set I (started at 8:01 PM CDT)

Brown-eyed Women (Barraco)
Black-throated Wind>
Eyes of the World>
Saint of Circumstance>
Mountains of the Moon>
Fire on the Mountain
Jack Straw
(end of set 1 9:16 CDT)

Set II (started noodling at 9:57 PM CDT)

Jam>Mondo Head sounding stuff?>
Playin' in the Band>jam>
Banyan Tree>jam>
Playin' Reprise (instrumental tease only)>
The Wheel>jam>
Playin' in the Band
St. Stephen>
The Eleven>
Terrapin Station>
Weather Report pt 2 (Let It Grow)
(end of set 11:27 PM CDT)


Sugar Magnolia>
Uncle John's Band>
Box of Rain
(ended 11:54)

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